Photographer, Content Creator and Instructor

Driven To Create

A pixel is more than the electrical signal and light it creates or darkness it harbours. It immortalizes the scene at the moment the shutter closes. It is this connection that draws me to content creation.

As a visual artist I see the beauty and soul within everything that surrounds me. This inspiration drives my passion to elevate and share my experiences and knowledge with others. My career background goes beyond creative and into the logical realm of software testing, merging production processes, technical manual writing and technical service which lasted for more than a decade. I then met my wife which lead me to become an administrative assistant in addition to my own content creation. With this harmony between technical and creative realms, I continue to evolve my style and approach to landscape and fine art photography.

Lake Minnewasta, Morden, Manitoba
An enchanting sunrise at Lake Minnewasta near Morden, Manitoba.
Banff, Alberta
Three Sisters, Canmore, Alberta
A beautiful morning sunrise lighting up Three Sisters near Canmore, Alberta.

There are many things to aspire for in life, with memories being the most valuable. The true value of imagery can only be assessed when it is all that remains. A casual image of a family member, friend or colleague, event, or special moment shared at home or abroad can become much more than ink on paper. This was always in my mindset when I would shoot weddings or family portraits in years past. I wasn't creating images for only the purpose of a wall print; I was preserving memories of the day to look back on. This passion for purpose has carried on to landscape and fine art genres. Every second is but a fleeting moment never to be revisited. Share moments.

My current focus is primarily on fine art, product and landscape photography along with working on some soon-to-be-announcement personal creative projects that extend beyond photography. I LOVE all aspects of cinematography and design, which may just lead me down a new path in the future as well. In the end, I am a content creator and teacher at heart.  

Live. Dream. Inspire.

Doug Friesen Enjoying a FujiFilm GFX Evaluation
Image Courtesy of Tyler Friesen

Doug Friesen is a Canadian Fine Art and Landscape Photographer, Content Creator, Designer and Instructor. His drive for creativity was further enhanced by his previous career in software and hardware technical support.