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Webflow Website Platform 2022 Review by Doug Friesen

Camera + Lenses

Nikon Z 9
This is Nikon's flagship mirrorless camera and my main camera.
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Nikon Z 20mm f1.8 S Lens
A sharp and well distortion corrected wide angle prime. My favourite wide prime focal length.
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Nikon Z 24-120mm f4 S Lens
Surprisingly Sharp, well balanced and super versatile. My walk around zoom.
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Nikon MC Z 105mm f2.8 S Macro Lens
Smooth bokeh and fantastic image quality. I love this lens.
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Nikon Z 70-200mm f2.8 S VR Lens
Stunning image quality. An absolutely essential lens for any professional. My most used lens.
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Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic Desktop
Exceptional value and a vast collection of industry standard powerful editing features.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Adobe

PhaseOne CaptureOne
Excellent tethering and colour processing of RAW files.
Review Coming Soon | Visit CaptureOne

DxO PureRAW 3
Fantastic noise reduction and detail enhancement while maintaining a natural organic. I am a convert and use it for all images that are shot at higher ISO or when pushing grade heavily. It is a game changer.
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Affinity Designer
A great alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer has become part of my essentials.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Serif Affinity

Davinci Resolve NLE
This NLE software for video editing is fast becoming the colour grading standard
Review Coming Soon | Visit Black Magic

Luminar Neo
AI Enabled Image Editing and effects.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Skylum

iA Writer
Available on Mac and iOS, this app helps to concentrate on writing versus distraction.
Review Coming Soon | Visit iA Writer

Assimilate Play Pro Studio
Fully featured player and transcoder. Convert your ProRes RAW to 422 or 444.
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Starry Landscape Stacker
Remove noise and improve image quality for your night sky images.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Starry Landscape Stacker

Free and Open Source 2D, 3D, Animation, Rigging, Story Art, and more. I want to learn more.
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Online Services

Store images and video and share them with friends or clients. I have used it for over a decade.
Read Review | Visit SmugMug

More powerful and code free website builder than Squarespace. Better than Wordpress. Love it.
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A great and more secure alternative to Dropbox. Data is stored in Canada for additional privacy.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Sync

I have used this reliable Canadian-owned Domain Registrar exclusively for over a decade.
Read Review | Visit Namespro

The primary market is for portrait and wedding photographers, yet they work great to sell landscape print art as well.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Pixieset

This is still my custom canvas printer of choice after all these years. I use them exclusively. Fantastic quality and support.
Review Coming Soon | Visit CanvasPop

Great educational content for creatives, crafters, musicians, life and business hacks. First run content is always free.
Review Coming Soon | Visit CreativeLive


DJI RS3 Pro Gimbal
This is my favourite gimbal. Big enough and strong enough to handle any camera combo. The auto locking arms feature is more useful than it would appear. The repositioned buttons are also an ergonomic improvement from version 2.
Review in Progress | Visit DJI Buy from Henrys

Pluto Trigger
With a plethora of features, my most common use is remote shutter and water droplets.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Pluto

Benro Mach3 Tripod
When I don't need to travel, this is my tripod of choice. Good value. Sturdy. Well built.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Benro

Peak Design Carbon Travel Tripod
Review Coming Soon | Visit Peak Design

Manfrotto Video Monopod
Read Review | Visit Manfrotto

ThinkTank Backlight 26L Backpack
This is my main backpack. The construction quality is among the best I have seen.
Review Coming Soon | Visit ThinkTank

Nanuk Hard Cases
Review Coming Soon | Visit Nanuk

PolarPro Black Edition VND 3-6 Stop Filter
Review Coming Soon | Visit PolarPro

Breakthrough X4 ND Filter
Super crisp image clarity with no colour shift issues. It is in my top two selections.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Breakthrough Photography

Rode VideoMic NTG w/ Deadcat
Fantastic audio quality. It is my main mic for any on-camera work.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Rode

ShootSac Original Lens Bag
If you are a wedding or portrait photographer, go and buy one now. One of my favourite bags!
Review Coming Soon | Visit ShootSac

SmallRig Cages and Accessories
Review Coming Soon | Visit SmallRig

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets and Pens
Review Coming Soon | Visit Wacom

Lighting + Stands

Godox UL150 Silent COB Light
An absolutely silent bright LED light that is perfect for quiet room recording.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Godox AD200 Strobe Flash
I own a pair of the original AD200 strobe flashes (not the PRO). They area powerful enough for all indoor scenarios including outdoor portraits.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Godox TT685 Camera Flash
I have several of these TT685N camera flashes and they work seamless and consistently. These are my standard now instead of the OEM brand flashes.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Godox XPRO Trigger
Very simple to use and convenient for adjusting output and controlling flash strobes. If you don't need the pass-through hotshoe, I recommend this wholly.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Godox TL30 RGB Light Wand
These 12 inch light wands have proven useful for wash light or accents in product photography or video projects.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Godox TL60 RGB Light Wand
I recently received a TL60 RGB light wand and will be incorporating it into my workflow.
Review Coming Soon | Buy From StrobePro

Aputure Amaran AL-M9 LED Light
I have a pair of these Amaran lights. They are perfect for accent or practical lighting applications. If I were to buy, I would move up the the AL-MX version.
Review Coming Soon | Visit Henrys

GoalZero Lighthouse Micro Light
Tiny and light, this makes for a perfect long exposure accent light in the darkness of night.
Review Coming Soon | Visit GoalZero

StrobePro 47 Inch Rapid Pro Parabolic Softbox
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

StrobePro 32x47 Inch Rapid Pro Softbox
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

StrobePro 32 Inch Rapid Pro Globe
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

StrobePro 33 Inch Rapid Pro Deep Beauty Dish
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

StrobePro 5x7 foot Folding Black/White Backdrop
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

StrobePro 8x8 foot Folding Blue/Green Backdrop
Review Coming Soon | Visit StrobePro

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