Webflow Review:

A Powerful Website Building Platform That Gives You Control [2023]

TL;DR I have created and designed personal and small business websites in varying roles for over a decade. Much of this time I spent it in the world of Wordpress (with ProPhoto as the visual builder) and the endless plugin compatibility and security patch issues. I then moved to platform SAAS products for websites such as Squarespace and even Smugmug. This direction eliminated the compatibility and security patches nightmare, however offered more restricted design freedom than I was used to. Along came Webflow. It is different. It is powerful. It is custom. It is fast! Webflow offers a level of control that reminds me of the freedom of coders using Wordpress, but without writing any of the code or dealing with the patches.. Since then I have trusted only Webflow for my website building and hosting needs.

I highly recommend Webflow for building your next personal, portfolio, small business and full blown e-commerce website! I use it exclusively.


All the Control And None of the Hassle

What? Yes. Correct. You get a LOT of control in the process of creating your website. Every element and class is at your fingertips much like Wordpress, but none of the plug-in compatibility or endless security patches and breaches. Webflow operates much like competitors such as Squarespace, but give you much more control to take the design into your own hands and make it unique. Though you can use templates, the freedom to just build is refreshing and goes beyond the cookie cutter look. I am only scratching the surface myself in the Webflow ecosystem. As time goes, I will add more rich features as well.

Webflow Review: Powerful Web Design. No Code Needed.Webflow Review: A peak at how my site in the backend Console

What Makes Webflow So Great?!

The ability to create fully custom pixel perfect websites that elevate your brand or service rather than fitting into a template with limited customizability. The power of writing code without writing code is what made me fall in love with this product.

The performance of my Webflow website using GT Metrix


I believe Webflow is great value for what you get - that is why I have trusted it with my own website. It is feature rich, very customizable, fast and stable all while competing with the best of the SAAS platform services. All prices are USD. As of March 2023, my website is running on the BASIC site plan. If you are not an Agency or large firm, you only need the free Workspace plan and the BASIC site plan for a static format website. If you move into e-commerce or CMS dynamic web design collections (such as a blog or inventory), then the popular CMS or Business Plans are what you want. Find out more about plans and pricing [here].

Webflow Review: Pricing that feels like great value.


Customer support is available Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PT. There is also a forum style support and an extensive knowledge base. I have to admit that I have not yet once needed to email their support. I have found every answer from either their Webflow University help pages or a simple Google Search. So as much as some may offer phone or 24/7 support, I have not found a shortcoming here as the product has been well documented and is stable.



Webflow Website Platform 2022 Review by Doug Friesen
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