Smugmug Review:

Unlimited Online Image Storage, E-commerce and Easy Sharing [2023]

TL;DR SmugMug is another service that I have used since 2011. My initial use was as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. I wanted to provide a secure online storage solution for clients, allow them to review galleries and choose/order prints as well as share with family and friends. As time went on I began to also use SmugMug for all my personal fine art and landscape image storage as well as personal family images that I could share so easily with family members. The fact that image storage is unlimited and has been rock solid for all these years, has given me no reason to go elsewhere. I have many Terabytes in the system already. I have also used it in the past as a digital download purchase tool for triathlon athletes. It was nice to watch the "you made a sale" emails roll in with zero additional work or service on my side. These days I use it mostly as legacy back up image storage and a sharing tool as I have refocused on other ventures that are not weddings and portraits. On the print side of things, they integrate with several excellent vendors including WHCC (always fast. always consistent quality).

I highly recommend SmugMug for everything from unlimited online image storage, sharing galleries with family and friends to running a full print or digital download service for a busy studio or event photographer.


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14 Day No Credit Card Risk Free Trial

Is SmugMug right for you? They have made it very easy to discover that answer with a 14 day no credit card risk free trial. Setup folders to create your directories and organization and then add galleries of images. Get started [here].

SmugMug Review: Unlimited Online Image Storage and Easy SharingSmugMug Review: Unlimited Online Image Storage and Easy Sharing

SmugMug is More Than Simple Storage

While you can use SmugMug in its most basic form of being a reliable online storage for your images (and videos), there is so much more that they offer within the ecosystem for working professionals and their expanding sister companies. Flickr and TWIP (This Week In Photo) both fly their flags under the banner of SmugMug, Inc.

SmugMug Review: Unlimited Online Image Storage and Easy Sharing


My plan is the Power plan. I used to have the Portfolio and Pro plans when I was professionally shooting weddings and portraits. The value for secure unlimited storage is great. You could make SmugMug your complete turnkey experience from online storage to a complete store front with print sales and digital downloads.

SmugMug Review: Unlimited Online Image Storage and Easy Sharing


SmugMug Hero Support is excellent. They are there 24/7/364 to answer questions. If you are looking for LIVE chat support for Portfolio and Pro customers, then upgrade to the Portfolio or a Pro accounting. Their average response is within an hour. I have used their support service a few times and it has always been a great experience.



SmugMug Review: Unlimited Online Image Storage and Easy Sharing
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