NamesPro Review:

A Proven Canadian Owned Domain Registrar [2023]

TL;DR I have trusted my domain registrar hosting to Namespro for over half of their 20+ year existence. During this time, I have experienced seamless domain purchases from .ca to .com/.tv/.co/.me and a vast array of other properties along the way. I can only recall one or two instances in 10+ years where there were any DNS issues. That is impressive. Every other day it has been uneventful; and "uneventful" is a good thing in DNS management. I have compared other domain registrar options in the past, but at the end of the day I really don't see any real reason or benefit to change. With good service and a stable platform, they will remain my exclusive registrar of choice going forward.

I would highly recommend Namespro for any domain registrar needs, as I continue to use them exclusively for all my own domain hosting.


Register and Transfer All Your Domains

Whether you only need .ca domains registered or all of your properties and extensions, Namespro can accommodate. Their basic search includes a collection of the most popular domains by default, however, you can select from all the new trending gTLDs as well, giving a selection of over 250 domain extensions. Personally, I find domain management easiest if I can register all my domains with a single proven entity. I have used Namespro for over 10 years exclusively for all domains. Whether you register or transfer a few domains or bulk domains all at once, you are in good hands here.

Namespro Review: A Canadian Owned CIRA Registered Domain Registrar

Features Including Easy WHOIS Privacy

Namespro includes many DNS management features with each registration. While all these features are of importance, the one that I value the highest is the WHOIS privacy option. A single one-time fee and all domains regardless of extension are protected with their WHOIS privacy going forward. This is great for the small entrepreneur whose registration information is personal private info versus a larger corporation that uses public business contact information to register. It also protects against a certain level of spam.

CIRA Certified Domain Registrar

This credential will be important if you are planning on registering a Canadian domain (.ca). The Canadian Internet Register Authority is a private member-based not-for-profit. Along with managing the .ca domain extension and working towards secure and accessible internet for all Canadians, they have over 200 projects funded through their grants. As a CIRA Certified Domain Registrar, Namespro upholds and is bound by their standards in relation to .ca registrations. They have been in business since 2003, which attests to their stability.



ETHICS: I may receive a small commission if you purchase with my link. I have used Namespro exclusively for over 10 years. My thoughts are my own. All logos, terms, screenshots and trademarks are exclusive properties of their owners. They have been used only for the purpose of illustrating this review.