DxO PureRAW 3 Review:

Superior AI Enabled Natural Noise Reduction w/ DeepPRIME XD [2023]

TL;DR Up until 2023 I had been intentionally oblivious to the different noise reduction softwares. However, as I moved to cameras with more pixel density and smaller photosites, noise began to creep into images at ISOs I do use. Add to that, I have begun submitting my imagery to online stock image services. The tolerance for noise is very low. To that end, I began looking into the most popular options and DxO PureRAW 2 (now v3) came out as the leader with the best noise reduction and sharpening short of losing its organic feel. Of note is that it works with the noise reduction and sharpening algorithms from the RAW format (by converting it to a universal DNG). Where I found it really excel was in the rendering in the out-of-focus area details (shapes/shades), which matched the original files very closely... something its competitor failed. I have now integrated it into my workflow anytime I need to push the grade heavily or work with higher ISOs. I always choose DeepPRIME for best results. Working on a Apple M1 Max laptop, processing time is extremely short per image.

I highly recommend DxO PureRAW 3. Compared to Topaz Labs, I find the details and noise reduction to be more natural and better defined with DxO PureRAW 3 when using DeepPRIME. In version 3, DeepPRIME XD is now available for enhanced AI improvement, giving more options.


30 Day Free Unlimited Trial (!!)

This is awesome. DxO gives you a complete 30 day unlimited trial that is not watermarked or limited in any way. You will WANT to purchase this excellent software by the end of your trial period.

DxO PureRAW 3: Superior Natural Noise Reduction

DxO PureRAW 3 is now an Essential Tool

It's hard to believe that I had not discovered noise reduction software earlier. Now that I have it, DxO PureRAW 3 has become an essential tool in processing images that are higher ISO, low light or pushed aggressively in post.

LRCC Processed Original Image

This is the original image as processed in LRCC. It was shot on my Nikon Z9 at 1000 ISO with a single frame 30 second exposure time and then lifted about 1.5 stops in LRCC for exposure correction. This did not pass for stock photo submission. After processing it through DXO PureRAW 3 below, it was accepted immediately. Side Note: I am very impressed how well the Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod kept the weighty Nikon Z9 stable enough for 30 seconds on a icy frozen lake.

DXO PureRAW 3 Processed Example Image

This is the DXO PureRAW 3 processed image using the DeepPRIME setting. As you can see, the noise cleans up very naturally, and there is a small bump up in sharpening and details within the trees on the mountain side. Of note, you can see how good it was in cleaning up the colour noise within the trees. This is a 100% crop of the image fit into the column size of this review.

DxO PureRAW 3 Review: AI Noise Reduction Done Right

This example is the same image, but processed with DeepPRIME XD. Generally the difference is stronger AI corrections/improvements to soft focus and noise issues. I am not looking for software to make poorly executed images look "better", but rather for well captured images to be perfected for noise and superior sharpening algorithms. Most of the time DeepPRIMEXD will do a great job vs the original DeepPRIME setting, with the exception of maybe Astro work where too much AI can have trouble deciphering between stars and noise. In those cases, the DeepPRIME setting is perfect!

Invest Into Your Workflow

DxO PureRAW 3 may be priced more than its competitors and does not participate in perennial sales, but its cost is great value based on final product. This is one of those softwares where I see it as an investment to refining and improving one's workflow rather than the dollar amount without benefit. The results are very natural and unmatched by competition. Personally, I believe this is great value.

DxO PureRAW 3 Review: Excellent Noise Reduction and Value

Automation Without Losing Controls

More options with full automation are available in DxO PureRAW 3, yet the schema is still kept simple and efficient to use. For me, this is the perfect mix between automatic and very customized options and the very best AI Noise Reduction software I have found to date.

DxO PureRAW 3 Review: Proces Control With Automation



DxO PureRAW 3: Superior Natural Noise Reduction
ETHICS: I may receive a small commission if you purchase with my link. I added DxO PureRAW software to my workflow in 2023. I am impressed. My thoughts are my own. All logos, terms, screenshots and trademarks are exclusive properties of their owners. They have been used only for the purpose of illustrating this review.